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21 August 2007 @ 02:40 am
Sort me Sort me!  

Name Sophia

Age 17



 Quite hard to answer, this one, to much hobbies and interests to put in here! Well, when I’m at home with nothing to do I spent my time painting and drawing and reading and writing! I can spend hours watching tv, and that’s kind of sad… I love cinema, so I try to go to the movies every week. I absolutely adore my holyday’s weeks, the winter one when I ski, and the Summer one when I jet sky!

 How and when did you get into Harry Potter?

 When I was 9 or 10 a friend of my mother offered me the first 3 books, I took to my holydays around Italy and I re-read them three times! I’ve been addicted since then!

 Have you read all the books?

 Oh, well, of course! Several times each! (Not to say too many, as I got to read the first three something like 14 times..)

 Who is your favorite character OR actor in the Harry Potter series and why?

 "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"


At first I thought this would be a really hard question, but only with a few moments’ thinking, I realized it isn’t. My favourite character is, so obviously that it made me laugh, Dumbledore, especially after the Deathly Hallows.

Since the beginning of the series, he is presented to us as a genial, sweet yet imponent old man, and that would be enough for me to love him: that serene geniality that comes out of him, that sarcastic politeness he shows against his opponents, and that so enormous kindness of heart!


But now, after the Deathly Hallows, I got to truly respect and admire him, as he proves to be not only that kind and loving person but a real intelligent man that, in spite of suffering for its consequences, doesn’t hesitate to do what he knows that must be done.

Reading the Deathly Hallows my admiration for him just grew and grew, as he gained a whole new complexity! We met him as a young ambitious man, with great ideas for mankind and, as Harry started to question him, I was delirious with admiration! And then, in the end, seeing him to be willing of sacrificing Harry to get Voldmort destroyed, I saw there was a man I would follow to death!


It only disappointed me to see him sorry and sad when talking to Harry in King Cross, when he had just made the only rational decision he could, for the “greater good”

 He was also the first person to understand Tom Riddle, and so, the only one that really knew how to deal with him.


Other thing I really like about Dumbledore is that he doesn’t take himself seriously at all, he is everything but pompous! He likes candy and funny hats, aww, if only he was 80 years younger!


What Harry Potter character do you think you are the most like? How do you relate to them and how do you not relate to them?


Hmm… I think I have a lot of Luna Lovegood, well, without all the oddment! I have the bad habit of day dreaming and staring a lot at nothing, what sometimes scares my friends. I also use to say inappropriate things and I realize, to late, that I’ve said it loud!  But, unfortunately, I don’t have her ability to believe in strange and amazing stuff, as I can only believe in something if I have the proves,


Which house do you believe you most belong in? Make a case for and against your decision


I believe I most belong in Ravenclaw. Although I’m not that hard working, I really share the eagerness for knowledge. I think intelligence is the most important quality anyone can have, and so I fill my brain with everything I can get. I am also very objective and straight forward, and I tend to see things as they are, without being affected by great sentimentalisms.


Which house do you believe you least belong in? Make a case for and against your decision


I think I least belong in Hufflepuff, but that may be due to prejudice. I have, for many years, had the Hufflepuffs in very low consideration, and, although I’ve changed my opinion that by now, I still think that may affect me. Anyway, I believe I have the loyalty and kindness of the Hufflepuff, but those are not my predominating characteristics.


What are three traits that you believe best define you? How do they both negatively and positively affect your life?


I am really ambitious, what I really want in life is to accomplish something that is important and good for the world. I think that’s one of my most positive characteristics, but it kind of messes with my head, as I see any failure as a sign that I won’t be able to achieve my objectives. Well, we get to the other thing, I’m insecure. Even now, when I’m entering to most prestigiated college here, I still feel that I might not be good enough. However, I have a relaxed way of being. I don’t get mad or upset easily, and I don’t mind with dirt or rain.


You are looking into the Mirror of Erised. What do you see? Why?


Tch, this is the hardest question so far! That’s what is so fascinating about the Mirror of Erised, that no one really knows what it would show! I’m having a really hard time answering this because I can’t think in a way of materialising my heart’s greatest desire, witch is to know what I really want to do with my life! Well, I wouldn’t underestimate the power of the Mirror of the Erised, so I expect that’s what I would see there, an answer to what I should do to help change what’s wrong in the world.

But maybe, analysing what other people saw in it, I would saw only my father approving and being proud of me. I have, and that’s hard to assume, a bit of a complex about my father, because I admire him so much, and I think I will never be good enough for him…  


If you were an animagus, what animal would you become and why? (remember, the animal reflects the person’s personality):


I think this is very ambiguous, as it depends on the way you see the animal. Well, O believe I would be a cat, because I am more of the observational type. Well, everything they have opposite to dogs could apply to me, I see cats as intelligent yet distant beings, that don’t come barking and jumping when their owners come home, but have a most discret way of showing affection.


You are faced with a boggart, what does it turn into? Why?


Well, actually, I really don’t know! This is another question like the mirror of the erased, we don’t know until we see! Maybe I would, as Mrs. Weasley, see myself, or my loved ones, dead, because I think that death is what scares me the most.


Pure blood….half blood…muggle born….squib….or dare say it muggle? Which would you want to be? Why?


Well, I have to say, with a great lot of shame, that I would want to be a pure blood. I think that, born in the wizardring community, I would be a bit of a elitist. Not like Malfoy, I would never prejudice others for being muggle borns or even muggles, but I would have the intimate believe that pure bloods have a better understanding of magic, cultivated during the years of growth.


What trait of others most annoys you? Why?


I must say it is stupidity. I can’t stand to talk with people who have nothing on their heads, or that are too slow to catch anything.


Pick a favorite quote of yours from one of the books, and explain why you selected it


Obvious! Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure! I didn’t even had to think. That is just such a beautiful way to put what I’ve believed all my life, that the greatest thing that man owns is intelligence, the one thing that makes us different of other animals.


If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why?


I would change my insecurity and shyness, as I thing of them as great obstacles to fulfil my ambitions. I also think that a person can have all the ideas of the world; no one will ever take them seriously unless they are spoken loud and with certain.


What do you want to do for a living in the magical world? Why?


In the times of the war I’d like to be an auror and work for the Order of the Phoenix, especially when the Ministry is taken by Voldmort and starts the registration of muggle borns! Errr! If it was a peaceful time, I think I’d want a job at the Ministry, so that I could turn that bunch of reactionaries upside down!


 What is your favorite and least favorite class in the magical world? Explain your answer


I love Transfiguration, and that may be because it is McGonnagal teaching it! I love that kind of teachers, really good but keeping their distance. And also, I think it is really useful and important for life after school. Well, what I wouldn’t like is just easy to decide! Divination! C’mon!


What is your favorite spell/charm/curse? Why?


Accio! The most useful thing that was ever invented! Aww! Where’s the remote again?


What is your favorite book or movie moment? Why?


Uuu, all the moments of revolution on Order of the Phoenix, since the formation of the DA and the flying of the twins, to the little moment when Dumbledore escapes the Ministry!


Which student at Hogwarts would be your best friend? Why?


I think I would get along with Hermione pretty well, in spite of all her hard work, that would eventually annoy me. I think she must be a great person to discuss and talk about anything.


What do you look for in a friend? Why:


First of all, and because of past experiences, I look for someone that won’t betray me or try to do me harm. Next, I really need to be with smart people, who is interested in more than who will be their next date, or I start to feel my life to be quite empty.


Lets say your having a dinner party. You can invite three people. Who would these three people be? Why would you invite them? (they can be dead, alive, fictional, let your imagination go wild)


I would invite promptly a very well known Portuguese writer you certainly never heard about, Leo Tolstoi and Louis Armstrong to sing for us! I could die after that!


Choose 3 words that best describe you


Wit, relaxed and geeky!


How do you think you will be a good contribution to this community?


You are touching my insecure weak point here. My first reaction was to write “No way, expel me now!”, but then I just laughed at myself. Well, I have too much free time, well, at least for now (I suffer of insomnia), and would, at least, contribute quite often!


Do you have any suggestions to make this community better? (from what you know about it so far)


Well, I haven’t seen much so far, and I think you are doing a good job, or why would I be applying?


How did you find out about this community? (Don’t forget that people who refer people get house points)


I was looking on LJ for Harry Potter communities and I found you!


If you have an AIM screen name, what is it? (We or other people may want to contact you, this is one way we get together other than on the boards)



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MoWd: emperors new groove- ebil duoroxybaby2414 on August 28th, 2007 05:00 pm (UTC)
Your application was fun to read, for sure :) I love it when applicants give you a lot to go by, and you certainly did :) I really was a little torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin.. You have a vibe for both.. BUT in the end you definetly belong in Ravenclaw.