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Hogwarts Pride

A Sorting Community

A Harry Potter Sorting Community
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The new term has begun! It will run March 21st 2007 to June 30th 2007.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingRules For/When Applying:

1. Put all applications behind an lj-cut. If you don’t know how to do this, go here. Post them to the main page.

2. Bold your questions but not your answers!! The questions are already bolded in the application below, so make sure you DON'T change them, and make sure to write your answers outside of the <*b*> (ommiting the stars)

3. Be specific when answering the questions!!! There are "Whys" or another form of asking for elaboration in EVERY question. We require elaboration as that will help us to properly sort you. Also, if you do not elaborate to the point that we can get a feel for you, we reserve the right to squib you. Once squibbed, you may re-apply, making sure that you have elaborated, and followed any instructions that we give you in your new application. Also, when writing out your application, DO NOT push for a specific house! This will also result in a squib vote. Additionally, you will be squibbed for insulting a house. That's just unecessary.

4. If you recieve a Squib stamp, you will be able to re-apply. When you do, keep in mind everything that we have suggested when re-applying. You have to wait, however to re-apply until after you have been stamped! Also, DO NOT change your application after your first vote. In turn, members of the house cannot suggest that the person who wrote the application re-write some of it.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingRules For Sorting

1. Don’t, and I mean don’t sort people unless you have been sorted yourself. The vote will NOT be counted. If you are still waiting to be officially sorted into a house, you will have to wait until my deputy or I have sorted you officially.

2. If in the event of a tie, the headmistress or deputy headmistress breaks the tie with her original vote. We'll usually wait til a vote to break the tie, though.

3. When sorting someone, bold what house you are sorting them into and also put that in the subject line. Also make sure to include your house and your name for points.

4. In terms of sorting, you may vote SQUIB if you believe that the person in questions has tweaked the answers for a certain house, not answered with enough info to properly be sorted, or has ignored some other rule, you must vote squib. THERE IS NO ABSTAINING A VOTE; you must vote a house or vote squib!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMain Community Rules

---House points will be awarded for:
5 points for sorting someone.
5 points for putting your own signature (ex. - MoWd||Headmistress) at the bottom of your comment for sorting someone so we don’t have to look you up to give your house points.
-25 points for referring someone to this community. Make sure they know to put your name in the application.

--- PLEASE no chatspeak! You'll be warned about it twice, and then you'll be deleted. Also, cursing is allowed, but derogatory terms ARE NOT! Try to keep it PG-13 at least.

--- If you have any questions, email your Headmistress (insaneerin@gmail.com) or IM her in AIM: bestcow42

--- ALL graphics and fanfics are to be posted in their respective communities! If they are posted in the main community, they will be deleted. Posting in the communities are the only way to recieve points. The respective communities are listed below. You have to join in order to post. Also, If you are to post an advertisement for another community here, it must be HARRY POTTER RELATED. If it is not, it will be deleted.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMods, HOH's, and Prefects

Headmistress: Erin insaneerin

Gryffindor HOH: Amanda lambobrat

Hufflepuff HOH: Mike mikerox08



Photobucket - Video and Image HostingApplication

Please post this under an lj-cut. If you dont know how to do this, then go HERE! And also, please read the rules before you post your application. And be elaborate, this way, we can sort you into the best house suitable for you and get to know you on a better basis. Be sure to BOLD the QUESTIONS but NOT your ANSWERS! If you do not include enough elaboration, you will very likely be voted squib! This could also happen if you do not format your application correctly.

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Here's a link to pimp us. You can put it in your user info and whatnot.

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Go Here for the rest of the banners, all made by our HogwartsPride students!!

You can go Here to leave a suggestion in our suggestion box!!!



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