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02 August 2007 @ 06:09 pm
Sort me please!  
Where do i belong?

Name: Sarah
Age: 18
Hobbies/Interests: Obviously i love reading. Music is also a big thing and being with my friends
How and when did you get into Harry Potter?: When i saw the first film in 2000? i just fell in love and have been hooked ever since
Have you read all the books? several times
Who is your favorite character OR actor in the Harry Potter series and why?: I love Sirius Black/Gary oldman. Its such a great character because of all the emotion that he must be feeling . I think its such a shame that not nearly enough of that comes through in either the books or the films, but Gary Oldman does a great job nonetheless
What Harry Potter character do you think you are the most like? How do you relate to them and how do you not relate to them? I think im most like Ginny because i grew up with many brothers, youngest in the family and managed to find my own feet in the world, and i have the hair to match
Which house do you believe you most belong in? Make a case for and against your decision Obviously i would love to belong to Gryffindor, i think im sociable and kindhearted enough for that but i perhaps lack the courage. Otherwise i think Hufflepuff would be my best bet because i really wouldnt mind as long as i fitted in somewhere
Which house do you believe you least belong in? Make a case for and against your decision Probably Ravenclaw, i have a degree of intellegence but when it comes to wit and reason im in the shallow end of the gene pool
What are three traits that you believe best define you? How do they both negatively and positively affect your life? I'm trusting, which makes it easy to make friends but also enemies, i'm sociable, which helps in awkward situations but can also create awkward situations and im kindhearted which can both benefit and hurt me
You are looking into the Mirror of Erised. What do you see? Why?: My family and my boyfriend getting along because its the only missing peice of the puzzle right now
If you were an animagus, what animal would you become and why? (remember, the animal reflects the person’s personality): i would be a butterfly because i enjoy the feel of freedom and appreciate the beauty of nature
You are faced with a boggart, what does it turn into? Why?: Spiders, hate them
Pure blood….half blood…muggle born….squib….or dare say it muggle? Which would you want to be? Why? It wouldnt matter to me
What trait of others most annoys you? Why?: Judgmentalness, and predjudice
Pick a favorite quote of yours from one of the books, and explain why you selected it: "I'll join you when Hell freezes over" True courage from someone you wouldnt expect it from, thats what Harry Potter's all about
If you could change just one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why?: My own confidencein myself, im seriously lacking
What do you want to do for a living in the magical world? Why?: Id teach at Hogwarts, possibly Muggle Studies, because its all ive ever wanted to do
What is your favorite and least favorite class in the magical world? Explain your answer. I'd love DADA because it sounds like fun, but id hate history of magic, im not good at note taking
What is your favorite spell/charm/curse? Why? I like expecto patronum, practical and pretty!
What is your favorite book or movie moment? Why? Movie 5 when Sirius punches Lucious, "Get away from my godson"
Which student at Hogwarts would be your best friend? Why?: " probably ... neville, coz hes adorable
What do you look for in a friend? Why: " loyalty, similar traits to me and a sense of humour
Lets say your having a dinner party. You can invite three people. Who would these three people be? Why would you invite them? (they can be dead, alive, fictional, let your imagination go wild): Heathcliffe, cause ive always had a thing for him, Mohammed AlFayed, cause i'd wannt to interrogate him, and The Doctor because hes fantastic
Choose 3 words that best describe you: Ginger, relaxed and loveable
How do you think you will be a good contribution to this community?: because im online every day and im an LJ addict
Do you have any suggestions to make this community better? (from what you know about it so far): think you're doing a pretty good job as it is
How did you find out about this community? (Don’t forget that people who refer people get house points): found it on the interests page
If you have an AIM screen name, what is it? (We or other people may want to contact you, this is one way we get together other than on the boards): MSN : reallyrandomredhead@hotmail.co.uk
MoWd: emma watson 2roxybaby2414 on August 28th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
It's a little shorter then we usually like to see, because length helps us to get to know you a little better :) I'm a little unsure between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but I think you would do well in Hufflepuff :)